West Elm Credit Card

A new site that has been gaining ground for a little while now offering great deals on furniture for your entire home is West Elm. Now they have their own West Elm Credit Card to take things to the next level of customer satisfaction to provide even better deals than they have in the past. The West Elm Credit Card has seemed to be embraced by all of its longstanding and committed customers which has allowed for even more specials to be presented and keep things growing at West Elm.

Aside from there being no annual fee for the West Elm Credit Card, the best part of the West Elm Credit Card program is the rewards of course. Every time you charge another $250 with your West Elm Credit Card, you will be given a reward of $25 for use within their stores. This was a pretty slick way of them basically giving you a constant 10% off all of your purchases as long as you will charge at least $250 with them. The other cool thing about when you use your West Elm Credit Card is that you have the choice of using 0% interest financing or to just do a regular charge. If you choose to go with a 0% interest, you will not be able to also gain rewards on the purchase.


The West Elm Credit Card really seems to be setup for the customer benefit because they really seem to roll out the red carpet for the customer. They roll out the red carpet by letting them choose their own rewards and the way that they would like to have to pay for their purchases every time they charge. With this being the case, it’s a great way that West Elm is able to have hands off when it comes to being able to go after the customer if they become complacent and stop paying their bills. It really wouldn't make any sense for someone to mess up on their West Elm Credit Card with being able to choose how they will pay each and every time. The original interest rate is pretty high, however, if you are the one in control over how you will finance each purchase you make, only missing payments is the way to ruin your West Elm Credit Card account.

If there are any that complain about the West Elm Credit Card they are most likely people who have not been making regular payments as they have agreed to do in their contracts and according to their own word whenever they made another purchase with their West Elm Credit Card. As we mentioned earlier, it wouldn't make sense to blame a company that really allowed for your to have many different options for payment when you decided or weren't able to pay at the times you agreed to do so beforehand. Everyone won't be pleased no matter how great a deal is. If you are one who truly loves the deals offered at West Elm, you should go ahead and check out the West Elm Credit Card.